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The Musqueam Reserve | Vancouver 2010 Olympic Torch Relay

February 12, 2010

This was certainly something special and Goddamn emotional if you want to get right down to it: The Olympic Torch being ran through the Musqueam Reserve.

The Musqueams are one of four First Nations hosts for the Games, and what a special group of people. We’ve never really experienced seeing such a sense of community before, and likely never will again.

Here are some photos from the rainy evening with a brief description of what’s going on in each picture.

This flag is the flag of the Musqueam Reserve. It’s gorgeous and the teal colour is rad (also their official colour!)

This is Larissa and her sign says something along the lines of “My Mother’s a Star!”. She’s beautiful, eh?

These young fellas were taking in the special evening and waving the Musqueam flag with pride!

The best part about this whole experience was probably the fact that it truly was a family-orientated evening. How adorable is this beautiful young girl eh!

Yep, the police were everywhere. That goes without saying these days in Vancouver!

The look in this mans face as he gazed at the torch was pretty cool. Definitely a proud man, and even prouder perhaps of the contributions of the Musqueams!

The torch stayed lit even though it was raining! This women struck the most emotions with people it seemed as people went ballistic with applause when she started her run!

This is a band member of the Musqueam Reserve giving a riveting speech about the contributions made by aboriginals to the Games. He spoke in his native tongue as well as in English!

This was quite an adorable look on the ladies face. This was just before it was her turn with the torch, and you could see the excitement in her face!

The looks now turned to the man with the torch, as he looked at the women as though to say, “This is what we’ve been waiting for! Are you ready!”

And, the flame has been exchanged. Pretty special moment. And in case you didn’t recognize him, the man in the red Hockey Jersey is Vancouver’s Mayor, Gregor Robertson.

This is the same lady at the end of her run as she passed the flame along to her relative. They were both very emotional about this, and it was pretty darn special.

This man was all smiles about the whole affair, as were most. His toque and jacket were very, very stylish we might add!

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By Cole & Jakob  

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  2. Tia Singh

    These are AWESOME pics!! Thanks for showing us this little glimpse of Olympic beauty that we wldn't have seen otherwise. #GoCanada! @TiaSparkles

  3. april

    wow !

  4. april

    i'm so proud to be a Canadian.

  5. Val

    I have an American friend that attended some of the Olympic venues, which he thoroughly enjoyed. He was born and raised in Canada and moved to Seattle with his family in his teens. He would like to purchase an 2010 Olympic four nations jacket. He said it was shown in one of the Olympic catalogues but I havent been able to find it online. Do you have any idea where we could track down said item. He would probably need a medium. Hope you can help me with this.

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