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Harrison Hot Springs Wedding // Kathie & Jamie

May 11, 2011

Without a doubt, we would not have had nearly as much success in our first year in business without Social Media, and Twitter specifically. Networking would have been far more difficult, and ‘getting out there’ certainly more expensive.

And when it comes down to it, we for sure would have photographed far fewer weddings had Twitter not existed. And we wouldn’t have been able to do Jamie and Kathie’s.

We first met Jamie at a Tweetup (a meet-in-person get-together for people on Twitter) in Gastown at the end of 2009. Jakob had just arrived in Canada, Nordica didn’t have a name, and we were gung-ho to get out there and meet everyone we could.

Fast forward a bit over a year, and through Twitter once again, we learned that Jamie was engaged to Kathie. A few direct messages later, we lined things up, everything fell into place and we were set for their wedding in Harrison Hot Springs.

So, Tweetin’ and Twitterin’ for us has been part of our business since day one. And we couldn’t have been happier about it because we get to meet people like Jamie and Kathie.


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By Cole & Jakob  

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  1. aga + marcin

    subtle, beautiful work.

  2. adam houseman

    You guys are freaking awesome. Amazing set of images fellas. Kathie and Jamie, you two look incredible!

  3. Jacko lovelywedding

    Great job !!!

  4. James Bitz

    Love the details and use of natural light!

  5. Emil

    WOW...these are absolutely gorgeous! And those cuff links are off the chain!

  6. Nick Coyne

    Stunning work as usual, gents. Great set!

  7. Brian Davis

    Unbelievable. Awesome photos guys.

  8. Amber Hughes

    Awesome work guys! Love the getting ready moments, the portraits in the trees and that awesome barn!

  9. Melanie Watson

    Killer work as always guys! Love the photos from the barn and those cuff links are super BA.

  10. Vida Carson

    Um. You killed this. Especially the portraits. I don't even know what else to say.. you're awesome man.

  11. Jessie Cadenas

    Awesome story telling! That black and white formal in the field of barren trees is hauntingly beautiful!

  12. alexbee

    always so captivated by how you guys use space. so fantastic.

  13. michelle

    these images are breathtaking.

  14. Justin

    Wow - totally digging your style of shooting & processing. Love the natural light, the candid PJ images, and the intimate portraits. Awesome work, as always!

  15. Matthew Evans

    EPIC! has to look through them twice. what a great location to! you rock guys.

  16. Andreas Holm

    great work!

  17. Matthew Mead

    You guys just blow my mind every single time! SIMPLY EPIC!!!

  18. Kim Selby

    Oh my goodness me. These are just breathtakingly beautiful. Just when I think I can't love a wedding of yours anymore then you post a new one. Pure Love.

  19. Leah Muse

    I don't even know how to find new words to describe your work, I love it so much. Beautiful job, as always.

  20. gabe aceves

    this shhhh is bananas.

  21. Amanda Basteen

    That first shot is awesome!! Everything I come to your blog I know you guys are not going to disappoint. Love the shot in the trees as well. Gorgeous!

  22. Jakub Majewski

    Your talent is great! and the photos are extremely interesting and inspiring!

  23. Andrew

    Stunning as always. What a gorgeous couple and amazing setting.

  24. Pawel

    Great job, very inspiring :)

  25. Tyler

    wwoooooowwww. are you kidding me with that panned out shot of the bride? thoughtful frames top to bottom. incredible.

  26. alyda

    ssheeeeeiiiiittttttt you guys win.

  27. Heather

    I adore the set of "before" and "after" of the bride at the end of the bed, getting ready. Fabulous work throughout.

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