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Marissa & Eamonn // White Rock Wedding Photography

July 9, 2010

This White Rock wedding photography event was something we had never done before.

Marissa and Eamonn were the bride and groom, but they had already been married in Eamonn’s home country of Ireland. Many of Marissa’s friends and family were unable to attend the wedding in Ireland, so they had a second reception in White Rock.

On this day, there was no wedding but a fun dinner and party with the wedding party wearing their wedding outfits.

Congratulations Marissa and Eamonn on your marriage and thanks for having the Nordica machine along for the ride!


By Cole & Jakob  

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  1. photodreamz

    Nice set guys.

  2. Laura

    Beautiful pics - lovely to see them Eamonn & Marissa, lots of love, Laura xxx

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