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New Zealand Wedding Photographer // Danelle & Dirk

June 26, 2013

Danelle is a New Zealand wedding photographer. Dirk is an all-around cool dude from South Africa. They gathered family and friends for a domestic destination wedding in Taupo, New Zealand and it was one of most beautiful days I’ve witnessed.

Much more to come.


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By Cole & Jakob  

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  1. dylan

    this is magnificent work.

  2. Jason

    Spectacular guys.


    Your work always amazes me! I love that reflection shot!

  4. Thomas

    These images are soo good. Love them all.

  5. Dustin Hall

    Simply amazing

  6. Jean Loper

    Love love love these photos!

  7. fer juaristi

    Just wow dudes

  8. Zak

    that light is insane! beautiful work!!

  9. Dmitriy Frolov

    Mad light! Great capture!

  10. JK Blackwell

    Can't wait to see more! Love Danelle's dress (where from?). Beautiful work as usual :)

  11. nirav

  12. Ross Harvey

    That second frame is particularly awesome!

  13. Kristian Leven

    Lovely work dude

  14. Michael Wachniak

    Cinematic, guys. Crazy good.

  15. Steve Brill

    Beautiful images with a timeless quality to them. Great work.

  16. Elissa

    Wowzers, y'all.

  17. Heather Kanilopoolos

    OMG that shot of them in the weeds, overlooking the river and the mountains and.... ahhhhh so gorgeous!!

  18. Nicola Thompson

    Amazing work - i love the deep tones in the colour its so strong - just fabulous!

  19. Paul Fuller

    Awesome in every way, I just adore the rich dark tones you produced here

  20. Benjamin

    Marvelous. Love the shot with the green massive background. love it love it love it.

  21. Geoff

    Holy Smokes. Beautiful wedding. Great work. Love the tones.

  22. Tomasz Wagner

    Damn great set!

  23. Mercedes

    Insanely good.

  24. Jade

    Absolutely Gorgeous

  25. kong wai

    Awesome !! love your works always

  26. Stefanie

    I love each of this images equally. that is to say, a lot.

  27. Erika & Ryan

    This wedding is so beautiful and so uniquely captured. Your work is so rare and wonderful to look at. Keep up the great work! - E & R

  28. Erran Stewart Photography

    The scenery is magical. Breathtaking images! Great work!

  29. Dominique

    So beautiful :D The confetti is a killer shot!

  30. Anton Chia

    Way breathtaking! Magically beautiful.

  31. Nick

    Love your work guys. Beautiful mood to this one!

  32. Lukasz

    magnificent! can't wait to see more!

  33. Girish

    Brilliant :) I like the pictures of the couple behind awesome landscapes, truly wonderful.

  34. aga

    stop it! this is too good you guys.

  35. Darin Collison

    Pretty damn stunning.

  36. Kate@MagnoliaRouge

    So incredibly beautiful!!! Danelle looked amazing!

  37. Justin

    Beautiful shots! Always love to look at your work!

  38. Boy Called Ben

    Blown away by this one.

  39. Yolandé Marx

    Ahh too many that are too pretty. Love that the groom is from sunny South Africa like me!

  40. mathias fast

    home run already!

  41. Jakub

    Amazing work Jakob!

  42. Zosia

    Jakob! This is gobsmackingly beautiful! I love the Nordicans work! Always so damn good!

  43. Dale Lempa

    Beautiful scenes and compositions.

  44. Albert Palmer

    Love the distant shot of the wedding ceremony - gives it so much context.

  45. Joseph Hall

    Such strong images which really seem to represent the couple so so well. Fabulous!

  46. Sophia NZ

    Amazing work guys! truly super gorgeous, you captured the nz essence beautifully;-)

  47. Linda

    What amazing work. These wedding photos are incredibly beautiful.

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