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Okanagan Wedding Photographer // Shareen & Lee

September 17, 2012

There was one more thing that made Shareen and Lee’s wedding special.

And that was aside from the incredible Okanagan backdrop in Kaleden that already blew everyone away.

It was Lee’s father. You see, Lee’s dad is also a wedding photographer. And rarely in our line of work do we meet photographers who has shot over 500 weddings and made a career spanning over 25 years.

But Lee’s dad has.

So knowing he would be there throughout the wedding day was cool. Guy’s like him deserve a lot of respect, and this wedding was a hat-tip to his long career.

Shareen and Lee’s garden wedding at Linden Gardens in Kaleden – a small place close to Penticton, about 6 hours from Vancouver – will be posted in full shortly.

By Cole & Jakob  

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  1. Elissa

    Love love love.

  2. Daniel Gorman

    Amazing You guys do unbelievable work for unbelievably beautiful clients!

  3. kristi wright

    You guys are just too awesome.

  4. Christy Tyler

    Oh my goodness. These are just stunning. Love the golden light through the trees! And that shirtless kid in the mask! haha :) Awesome.

  5. Veronica Varos


  6. ali

    nailed it. you guys are amazing!

  7. Daniel H.

    Beautiful work! Love the details you captured.

  8. Luis Godinez

    This is extremely rad. Love it.

  9. small

    Wowie zowie! Totally gorgeous. Love the romantic, sunny photos!

  10. zulbard

    super like!!

  11. Emily

    I love how you curate your work. The work itself is phenomenal, but you take everything to the next level with how you lay out your blog posts. There's so much to love here!

  12. Girish

    Beautiful place that. You should add 'landscape - wedding photographers' cause you travel some of the most breath taking places for wedding photoshoots. Look forward.

  13. Ryan Brenizer

    There are really no words for the shot of the kid with the croquet mallet. And I want to live in the last photo.

  14. Paolo

    The old lady rocks! Bravi!!

  15. caroline

    i just love you guys. this set is just breathtaking!

  16. ALMA

    Speechless guys!

  17. Anni

    Wow, that sky. Just makes me want to move away from the city so that I can see those stars every night.

  18. Avelaine

    Sheesh! Could this place be any more beautiful? Great work guys.

  19. Tyler

    what im really trying to say is you guys are $

  20. todd

    haha! what ryan said :)

  21. Serena Severtson

    Beautiful work - love these! :)

  22. nadine

    Just really amazing.

  23. Leah Muse

    Their kiss is so passionate.. loveeeee!

  24. xian alexander

    So great! Just awesome.

  25. Mike

    That last photo is so awesome!

  26. Patrick H

    Such an amazing star shot. One of the best I've seen. What a beautiful wedding with a beautiful couple!

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