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Kenya Wedding Photographer // Maureen & Chad

September 10, 2012

From the first email, we knew something good would come of this.

Maureen and Chad first contacted us looking for a wedding photographer in Iceland. That search later shifted to a Kenya wedding photographer for a safari. Which we could handle as well.

Their plans may have changed, but one thing stayed consistent: Maureen and Chad wanted non-traditional wedding photos in a beautiful part of the world.

So, the plans were laid and a post-wedding safari in the Maasai Mara – the national reserve in Kenya – was confirmed. We booked Jakob’s flights, not knowing anything more than that he’d meet Maureen and Chad at the Hilton in Nairobi. And that this trip would be something else.

Maureen and Chad exchanged vows in Chicago a week earlier, but looked at the trip to Africa as their chance to document the time when they got married. Our time together ended up being part wedding photos and part honeymoon photos, but whichever way you look at it, stripping everything down to the bare essentials in a part of the world where all you really need is the nature around you, was perfect. No computers, no chaos, and no nonsense. Just two people who wanted a story to remember from the time they got married in the most beautiful part of the world they could find.

We’ll remember these two as the ones who flirted with our hopes about a wedding in Iceland, only to seriously up the ante with a life-changing journey to Africa.


Maureen and Chad’s wedding in Kenya was featured on Green Wedding Shoes and Fly Away Bride.

Vendors for Maureen and Chad’s wedding on Pinterest.

By Cole & Jakob  

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  1. Andy Gaines

    well, I've seen worse venues... great work as ever - loved this post!

  2. Tuomas Mikkonen

    Amazing! Nuff said..

  3. fer juaristi

    No words, no comments. just WOW.

  4. eadwine

    best one yet!

  5. Elissa

    These are absolutely gorgeous.... The bride reminds me of Diane Kruger :) That last sequence of photos as you get further and further away from the tree is wonderful.

  6. Mike Fiechtner

    Wow! These are so amazing! Love each one!

  7. Carolina Sainz

    Breath taking. Beautiful from beginning till end. Just as you said, a life-changing journey.

  8. Oskar Allerby

    Holy shit, this is totally awsome. What a wedding, what a location. What pictures..

  9. jeff marsh

    wow. loved every frame. hope to get to Africa some day.

  10. aga

    oh hot damn! Great work.

  11. Fiona

    Unbeliveable... No words!!!! Just utter beauty!

  12. André Nordblom

    This post killed it. Good work guys! Now I want to visit Kenya :)

  13. Kat Braman

    i can't even comment on this . . . you guys are absurd in the best way possible

  14. Lena

    Stunning work.

  15. Barrosinc

    This my friends... is pure awesomeness

  16. Susie

    Wow....seriously AMAZE!

  17. Gary

    Unreal. Amazing work!!! Great job.

  18. benj haisch

    game over.

  19. Perhenning

    Im speechless!!! this is so amazing.

  20. mike

    Love the cubs. : D

  21. Ruan


  22. Sachin

    Wow! Insanity

  23. bo youm


  24. zulbard

    Good Job Bro

  25. Louie

    Aw, come on like! What the flip!!!!! Jealous much. wow

  26. Michael Wachniak

    There it is.

  27. Jessie

    Admiration on sooo many levels coupled with pure jealousy. Amazing.

  28. Preston

    What an incredible opportunity. You guys are blessed.

  29. Lem Lynch

    AMAZING work! Wow. What a beautiful location for a wedding. You captured it perfectly.

  30. millzero

    Its always amazing to see wedding pictures done on the wild. I love how you done it.

  31. Brian Furbush

    This is the best I've seen from you, amazing work. The silhouette shot with the setting sun behind the couple is just ridiculous.

  32. lydia {ever ours}

    heart and eyes so happy after this post. absolutely incredulous. what an experience it must have been. every frame is simply gorgeous. thanks for this.

  33. Joanna Boyes

    WOW! This is absolutely stunning!

  34. Sara

    Dear Lord, these are PHENOMENAL!!! Wait, I don't think there is a word in the English dictionary to describe the extent of how FLIPPIN' AMAZING these are! You seriously ROCK and this couple is stunning and obviously will treasure these images for a lifetime. Stunning, simply stunning!!!

  35. Geoff

    HOLY CRAP!!!!! This is incredible!!

  36. s h e r r y

    Oh my god. These are incredible. I don't have words good enough to describe these... That second to last photo, STUNNING. Wow.

  37. Alan Hutchison

    Coolness factor - off the charts!

  38. Lotta

    Som jag säger, en bra fotograf är en bra forograf om så bröllopsfotograf! You are the best!

  39. xian alexander

    Dreamy, the second last shot is killer!

  40. Alyda

    No way!! Every image is incredible! Jakob.....just wow.

  41. Tenielle

    Heart-stopping backdrop for incredible images. The animals, the people, the donkeys on the road, just makes me want to go back. Beautiful Jacob.

  42. Ross Harvey

    Awesomeness :)

  43. Az Rehman

    Can't believe what I've just seen.....amazing work.

  44. Lea

    That is freakin' amazing!

  45. Oli

    Get bent. I mean... nuts. What an awesome story in pictures... nailed. The only cooler thing would be a wedding in Jurassic Park.

  46. Drew W

    Such an epic experience. Thank you for sharing Cole and Jacob.

  47. todd

    next.level. ouchy mama! sooooooooooo good man!

  48. Tasj


  49. christine

    WOW. absolutely stunning work. i especially like the zebra butt and legs, they made me smile.

  50. Stephanie

    I've never seen anything like this.....just wow.

  51. Sara

    It's like a dream, I want to look at this over and over again. Mind blown!

  52. Bryan

    You guys are awesome. This is so unique and so well done, grats!

  53. Maija

    Wonderful photos - like a dream!

  54. Kellee Walsh

    Africa is just the most incredible place. You totally do it justice!

  55. John Bello

    Um. Ya. Wow.

  56. Nick Evans

    Geeeez there's some amazing work up there ^^^ - so nice to be able to see things with your eyes for a few minutes. Very excellent.

  57. Linda

    Awesome photos. Scrolled all the way down and up again! Great job.

  58. Naomi Mutua

    This is amazing! I had a great time with the Heritage Hotels before too. Love the shot in black and white with Chad in a hat and suspenders, by the car. So vintage!

  59. Natalie

    Absolutely stunning images! Those sunset photographs literally took my breath away!

  60. Johanna

    I gasped like a million times watching these. I love them all so much, but for some reason this blows my mind. The landscapes are so, so beautiful. I want them framed on my wall! :)

  61. Amber Wilkie

    So so so much win.

  62. Kim

    I was already blown away halfway through this post, did you have to put in those last few shots, too? Now I'm just a pile of goo.

  63. Ika

    Men va fina bilder och vilken upplevelse ni måste ha haft! Imponerande!

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  65. Ryan Brenizer

    Fantastic, you jerks. ;-) I can't even imagine an assignment that awesome.

  66. Kelsie Taylor

    oh. my. GOODNESS. i can't even begin to tell you how jealous i am of this trip. these are so incredible.

  67. ed peers

    Oh. My. Goodness.

  68. Linus Moran

    Simply spectacular. Awesome sunset series!

  69. Stephanie

    Wow - just stunning

  70. rafsie

    amazing :]

  71. Leah Muse

    I mean.. seriously. I have no words for how drop dead gorgeous these are. Except for those words.

  72. Bristol Wedding Photography

    Absolutely fabulous, love the total contrast to a normal UK wedding, couple look gorgeous and more importantly happy, a very spectacular wedding shoot, well done. Jay

  73. Susan

    These are some of the most amazing photos I've ever seen. I'm so jealous. I wanted to go on Safari for our honeymoon!

  74. Stefan Hellberg

    BOOM! Speechless.

  75. Jesse Pafundi

    Beyond words. Just magical!

  76. Zoe

    oh my word - all sorts of amazing going on there - I'm speechless ... honestly - wow - you have blown me away! You had everything going on there - stunning location, utterly gorgeous loved couple (congratulations guys xx) But more than that - I am in awe of your creativity .....

  77. James

    Holy. This is unspeakable good.

  78. Thanos Asfis

    Super images guys, seems like it was an amazing experience !

  79. Zosia

    mind. blown.

  80. amanda vanvels

    how does the sun even get that big. insane post. amazing. wow.

  81. James


  82. Erin k Wilson

    Really beautiful Jakob!

  83. Sonia Jansson

    Amazing! What a scenery!

  84. Ever Lopez

    amazing pictures!

  85. mathias fast

    damn. so good!

  86. Kate/MagnoliaRouge

    Wow these are just beyond incredible!! I've spent 3 months in Africa and this has me yearning to go back, it's such a special place. What amazing memories for them to have!!

  87. Hamish Jordan

    Fantastic images! I'm shooting a wedding in Nairobi in 2 weeks, any tips for locations etc?

  88. Steve nzuki

    its was a pleasure to host you..great images...

  89. Jenna

    Stunning and inspiring. I want to be married like this... just in a different place. :P

  90. The Wedding Theater Austin

    Such an amazing blend between nature and photography! Loved the who set! Hello from Texas :)

  91. London wedding photographer

    Wow, what a location! Beautiful couple too! I could not pick my favourite, love all of them but 0107, 0080, 0040 and 001 are so cool!:)

  92. Alan Law

    Fantastic work; love the symmetry in #14 especially, with the tree in the middle and couple either side. Fab!

  93. Camille

    That was so inspiring. Stunning pictures! #41 is ridiculous. So incredible. And I love #71. I kind of want to blow that up and put it in my house.

  94. Joseph Hall

    So good. Lucky chimps!!

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  96. Jeanette

    What an amazing experience!! LOVE your images!

  97. Michael Effendy

    You are doing a such great work! impressive photos.

  98. Sarah Falugo

    GAWP! I love this - and I'm just a teeny bit jealous!

  99. Ever

    Amazing pictures and post processing, thanks for sharing

  100. Martin Turner

    I love this post. The photos are beautiful. Totally different scenery from what i get here in the UK. It's good to see photos from a different place for a change. Thanks.

  101. Damian

    Superb, love the sunset silhouette.

  102. Justin Tearney Photography

    The silhouette in the sun of the best wedding shots I've ever seen. Simple as that.

  103. Bran

    This pictures are absolutely amazing.

  104. JK Blackwell

    . . . !!!

  105. Dan Ward Wedding Photography

    Absolutely incredible. So glad I found this post, the pictures are literally out of this world! Very envious!

  106. Amanda

    Absolutely stunning! I love your work and hope that I will be able to work with you for my wedding!

  107. Piotr

    the sunset photo is amazing

  108. bunmi

    great work, i love this

  109. erika

    Wordless mesmerizing! Seriously.

  110. miguel angel

    totally something else... pure inspiration

  111. Raj

    Your snaps are impressive

  112. Kim

    WOW! WOW! WOW!

  113. Robin

    Wow what a fantastic engagement shoot - amazing shots!

  114. Ricardo Aquino

    Realmente muito inspirador!

  115. Tim Williams

    Shivers! What a shoot... Nailed it!

  116. Paul Keppel

    Wow, what an opportunity to photography an amazing wedding in a truly spectacular location. I love the b+w engagement photo near the tree, and the silhouette against the sun.

  117. Gauteng Photographer

    An amazing experience! You utilized the environment beautifully in these images. Well done!

  118. Barney Walters

    Beautiful, love the styling, what a way to do it. :D

  119. Mathew

    Wow, just amazing!

  120. Wedding Services Kenya

    I know Kenya is a beautiful country and photographers like you bring out the best in it. I loved the photos especially the one with the bride and groom separated by a tree...

  121. Ivo Popov

    This is unreal!

  122. Pervaiz Shah

    Photographic artistry at its best - keep up the good work

  123. Hochzeitsfotograf Wien

    Nice Wedding Photography!

  124. Bruno Tavares

    You`re amazing!!!! WOW!!!!

  125. Alberto

    Pufff amazing work!!!! I love this

  126. Danny T

    What amazing photos! Breathtaking location.

  127. Nicholas Purcell

    amazing amazing work guys, congrats. love that sun portrait at the end. it's a keeper

  128. Elizer Mutai

    Beyond Amazing

  129. Stewart

    These are just incredible!!

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  131. Rob Dodsworth

    Utterly astounding!

  132. Thomas Marcel Dale

    Awesome, this is really stunning! So glad that there are wedding photographers who are also able to write about their work. Really helps with motivation!

  133. MIKI

    This is an unbelievable opportunity - awesome job guys!! The images are breathtaking...!

  134. Rob Dight

    WOW!!!!!!! Those last few images in the sunset are unreal!

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