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Ranch Wedding // Amber & Bryan

September 4, 2012

Having a ranch wedding is awesome.
Having one when this lifestyle is how you live your everyday life is even better.

Last year we documented Amber and Bryan’s life at Sundance Ranch – about a five hour drive north of Vancouver – and a few days ago we visited them again for their wedding at Hat Creek Ranch.

The wedding was everything we hoped it would be, and more. There was a genuine ruggedness to the day, and even asking Amber and Bryan to saddle up a couple of horses on their wedding day felt completely normal.

We look forward to sharing the rest of their wedding soon.

By Cole & Jakob  

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  1. Brennan McKissick

    great work as always guys

  2. Jessica Lumpkin

    Your "document you" session of this couple is the most beautiful photo session I have even seen. The wedding pictures are equally stunning.

  3. Jenny

    LOVE the B&Ws.

  4. matthew

    curated gorgeously

  5. Zosia

    I'm running out of enthusiastic ways to say how rad you guys are. You are rad. There.

  6. Anja

    3 words: beuuuu teee full! Seriously guys, you are awesome!

  7. xian alexander

    Just beautiful.

  8. Drew W

    Freakin amazing portraits guys! I love these shots!

  9. s h e r r y

    Awesome!! I especially love her socks & boots.

  10. sheila

    Lovely Photos! I especially like her cowboy! :)

  11. Alyda

    Too good! The black and white with the horses, the best!

  12. Amber Hughes

    These are amazing guys... absolutely love them!

  13. Anni

    Love this! I have a Mustang, wish I could ride her in such a beautiful wide open space.

  14. fer juaristi

    Beauty in all extensions.

  15. Dominik

    What for an awesome fotoshooting!!! Wonderfull work!

  16. Oli

    Subtle awesomeness. But not subtle in it's awesomeness. I'm not sure if that's very clear so: whoa, dudes.

  17. Mark Sass

    Love your work! The boots-shot just had to be done after there document you session. Brought a smile on my face! NICE!

  18. Justin

    Beautiful pictures, the grooms pose is awesome!

  19. Kristian

    Cracking work, as always, guys.

  20. Tab McCausland

    WOW amazing details and great work!!!

  21. Janice

    WOW! Especially the B&W's. Looking forward to see the rest!

  22. Jessica Vogelsang

    I love the photo of the groom!

  23. Walter Burks

    Love these! My favorite is the last shot, great work!

  24. small

    Awesome! The photos are beautiful and this couple looks SO cool!

  25. Veronica Varos

    Absolute perfection.

  26. ayesha

    typical nordica... epic, moody, breathtaking :p favorite is the vertical shot of the bride holding the reins standing next to the horse. OH.

  27. Kim

    Humina, humina.

  28. Barrosinc

    You guys are setting new standards.

  29. Julianne Markow

    um... yeah, WOW! So incredible, I don't really know what else to say, this is all just so beautiful!

  30. Brian Kraft

    Mmmm... yeah... love it all! There's a lot of perfection going on in a small space here.

  31. mike

    Sharp. So sharp.

  32. Rebecca

    awesome. Those portraits are wonderful. I love everything about these.

  33. Sarah Rominger

    How do you guys attract such cool couples and capture them in such unique/awesome ways?! LOVE this.

  34. Tenielle

    These look like stills from an awesome western movie. Genius guys xo

  35. Leah Muse

    Stunning. Love.

  36. Charles (Dad)

    Awesome -- both the subjects and the photography.

  37. Sonja

    The pictures are amazing!!!! Love them!

  38. Kate/MagnoliaRouge

    Just incredible... it completely transports me there!

  39. caroline

    good God you two are amazing. this is a sick good set.

  40. Jen R

    beautiful location / bride @ groom

  41. Janice

    Lovely! Where are the photos of the wedding cake couple, Woody and his Gal?

  42. Andrew Rankin

    Just fantastic - thanks for sharing

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  44. Derek Martinez

    Stunning, love everything about this!

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