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Nordica Photography.
Document You // Amber & Bryan


Up until now we’ve been offering engagement sessions as a part of our wedding photography packages.

Engagement sessions are very popular in Vancouver, as well as pretty much anywhere in North America, and the idea is to get photos done together before you’re getting married.

That’s all fine and dandy, and we dig the idea of doing a photo shoot before the wedding. It’s an awesome way for us to get to know couples and it’s a great way for couples to get an additional set of photos, as well as to get comfortable with us.


What we don’t like, however, is the term ‘Engagement Session’. We think it’s lame, to be honest, and the notion of an “Engagement Session” feels contrived and fake.

Another thing we don’t like is that so many people get the photos done in a place that has no meaning to them, doing things that mean nothing to them. Like awkwardly posing in a park they’ve barely even been to just because it’s nice, it’s safe and it’s what people are “supposed to do”.

That’s not what we want to offer couples.

But we do want to do photo sessions with couples before their wedding. So that’s why we’re replacing the engagement sessions with another, slightly different kind of session. Taking the good parts of engagement sessions and getting rid of the bad ones. Starting with the name.

We call them “Document You“.

We want to photograph people in their element. Document them.

So basically, “Document You” is a photography session where the couple and their personalities are in focus (mind the pun). We document the things that matter to the couple. We join them in their element, in something that is meaningful to them.

It can be as simple as having a beer together at the bar you always go to. Or go bowling together. Or spend an evening on your boat. Or go to a hockey game.

It can be anything, really, as long as it’s real.

That brings us to the experience we recently had at the Sundance Guest Ranch, just outside of Ashcroft in the British Columbia Interior.

Amber and Bryan live at the ranch so we decided to do pictures with them in their element, where they spend so much of their time together, doing the things they usually do. We were thrown into a situation that’s far from what we’re used to, but Amber and Bryan felt totally comfortable doing their thing. Which is exactly the point.

We want to document you and the things you do together. We don’t want to take posey photos of you in a park.

Document You.

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Amber and Bryan’s western Document You session was featured on The Lane.

Nordica Photography

Date & location

October 3, 2011

Ashcroft, Canada

  1. Andria Lindquist - incredible concept. so simple really, but genius. this post was KILLER. man that light and just everything, BRAVO.   
  2. Brian Davis - I'm blown away. Probably one of the most unique and timeless engagement sessions I've ever seen. The scenery, the skulls, and the natural beauty and love of the couple is just unreal. You guys rocked this.   
  3. ryan flynn - brb, let me grab my jaw off the floor.   
  4. Johanna Hietanen - Maybe it's just one of those days when everything makes me cry. Or maybe you're just that good.   
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  8. benj haisch - absolute domination.   
  9. The Awkward Photographer - Gorgeous. I just died a little. My favorite image: ranch-wedding-010.jpg - the composition is amazing. You must have been laying on the ground. Freakin' fantastic work guys.   
  10. Kristi Wright - You guys are amazing. These images are stunning and romantic.   
  11. Rachel Pick - Gorgeous. Light, tone, horses and love.   
  12. John Bello - Sensory overload. So sick. oh man. speechless.   
  13. Dennis Pike - SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO good!   
  14. Stephen Rotondo - totally awesome evocative images - i love it!   
  15. Rik Pennington - I can't stop looking at this. Just brilliant.   
  16. Ryan Brenizer - So good it makes me angry. The stars aligned here.   
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  24. fer juaristi - speechless guys, love it!   
  25. Girish - That's a great idea of getting the real "feel & emotions". I am sure this is going be a superb idea liked by all couples. Their everyday environments and locations will make them more comfortable and help get better pictures. Fantastic photographs. Beautiful landscape, horses and the couple. Amazing use of the light and back light specially with Amber's pictures. Always good to see your posts. By the way, the overall site looks a little different, any changes.   
  26. Sam - So much goodness here...Awesome!   
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  59. Krystal - A beautiful couple, breathtaking landscape, wonderful photos. I'll admit I was a little disappointed to see the photo of Amber leaning into Bryan against the fence line blurred to focus on the fence post... That looked like a beautiful moment and could have been my favorite shot of them - instead of a piece of wood. I love the documentary style, but feel like they got a little lost in some. Nevertheless, there's something about the "West" and horses that is eternally romantic and pure. Something to be said for the eye that captures it in a lens - very talented. Great use of the light!   
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