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Portrait Photography | Janis Behan

December 11, 2009

Janis Behan. Her. Eyes. Pop!

We really liked working with Janis. It seemed like she was a natural in front of the camera for someone who (so she says!) hasn’t been involved with a lot of shoots. Well, we think the pictures speak for themselves and she’s absolutely comfortable with everything.

This shoot was sort of unique in that there were two photography (us!) and there were two models during the shoot who were getting individual work done (the other person was Alex Lee-Behan). So, cruising around Granville Island and doing things in this manner was unique to us, but we’re pumped about the results.

Janis was going for headshots, and we think these will make the grade. If you’d like to learn more about Janis, have a gander at her website here.

Thanks Janis! It was fun m’lady!


By Cole & Jakob  

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