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Stanley Park Wedding // Sabrina & James

April 2, 2012

A few frames from Sabrina and James’ Stanley Park wedding, on a sunny day outside of the Tea House restaurant in Vancouver.

By Cole & Jakob  

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  1. Amber

    Beautiful set guys! Simply loving the close up third from the bottom, you can feel their intensity.

  2. gee

    fantastic work dudes

  3. Heather

    The shot of the bride crying = perfection! And I love the silhouette.

  4. Anni

    Every one of these is stunning. Awesome work!

  5. mike

    Gorgeous work. Looking forward to the full post.

  6. Patrice Blain

    The "contre-jour" shot with the sundown between te couple is an awesome shot. Well done.

  7. Michael Wachniak

    wait....we had sunshine in Vancouver?!

  8. Lea

    Gorgeous. So much emotion.

  9. Tenielle

    You made magic.

  10. Gavin Farrington

    Great set, guys. LOVE the B&W in the ferns. Awesome shot!

  11. Kellee Walsh

    Beautiful emotion! Love the 2nd set too :)

  12. Kim Selby

    Absolutely beautiful. The one of the bride crying made my heart skip a beat. Love.

  13. Fredric


  14. Johanna

    The first ceremony shot is just perfect. I love the framing. And then there's the sun flare shot and the silhouette shot. Me likes mucho macho :)

  15. Oli Sansom

    Just came across your work, very glad I did! Stunning stuff.

  16. Natalie

    This is absolutely breathtaking - the light, the sunset, everything! I'm blown away!

  17. Stefan - Photographer Luzern

    Wow! It is really getting better and better by each wedding you shoot. It is great to be able to follow you and your style evolving. Thanks for sharing :)

  18. Steve Koo

    As always, great stuff Cole and Jakob. The silhouette with the tree near the bottom is lovely!

  19. gabe aceves

    you are my friggin heroes.

  20. Mike

    Damn. You guys rock.

  21. Will Kim

    so good, all the time!

  22. Alyssa Schroeder

    Especially love the ceremony shots. So emotional.

  23. Travis Shumate

    So lovely. Great work.

  24. Moving Picture Weddings

    Stunning photos, I love them all.

  25. Ryan Brenizer

    That first diptych is so simple and so stupidly beautiful. Love it.

  26. Jakub

    The Nordica lads have done it again!

  27. ed peers

    So good...

  28. Kim

    I'm pretty sure you guys are my heroes.

  29. Belinda Keller Photography

    Lovely, just lovely. :)

  30. Sonia Jansson

    This is art. No more, nor less.

  31. Mario

    Excellent work.

  32. Derek

    Stunning work! Love the portrait with the sun burst.

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