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UBC Engagement Photography // Merry & John

April 27, 2011

Sun, cherry blossoms, University of British Columbia.

All you really need for a slick couple’s session.

By Cole & Jakob  

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  1. William Massey

    Nothing short of incredible... every shot. LOVE your work!

  2. alexbee

    gah, love that kissing silhouette!

  3. Jenny

    Love the one with the reflection in the window.

  4. Jennifer

    Nice set! Love the cypress-y ones and the last BW one. Adorable twosome!

  5. Leah Muse

    Wow, you rock the sun. That first shot is so intimate and romantic.

  6. Josh Tilton

    Whoa! Great set of portraits and some killer light! Excellent stuff!

  7. Brad Ross

    Great use of shadows throughout this set. Creates quite a dramatic feeling.

  8. Eric Yerke

    Holy win. Sheeesh

  9. Emil

    Killer set. Love the first shot!

  10. michele bowman

    what a fabulous use of great light!! just lovely!!!

  11. Heather

    These are so creative I absolutely adore them.

  12. gabe aceves

    what. the. f. you guys are ridiculous and i heart you both. thats all.

  13. Rae Marie

    terrific..terrific..terrific..terrific..terrific.. you see light so well... That first shot is just LOADED with intensity. beautiful work and love your style!

  14. atithi

    loving couple :)

  15. Heather Elizabeth

    ridiculous use of light. a good ridiculous. Phenomenal shots.

  16. Sarah Der

    OH MY GOSH. What. The heck. Ever. Everyone is so beautiful and moving. The light and flare in the first one is so, so beautiful. And the couple seem so relaxed and at ease.

  17. Becca Dilley

    Love all the shadows and light - you see photos in places I would never expect, and they are awesome.

  18. Amanda Basteen

    Love your unique use of light, great set!

  19. Jared Tseng

    Oh you guys...another awesome session! The control of light here is unreal! LOVE the reflection shot.

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