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May 12, 2010

Nicole Marie is a drop-dead gorgeous Vancouver event planner who is of Dutch descent. She is one of Vancouver’s prime-time wedding planners, and has an incredibly professional and top-notch business operation happening with her company, Nicole Marie Events.

We crossed paths a while ago thanks to our good ol’buddy Mr. Twitter, and decided we’d spend some time together taking some photos.

So, today’s teaser is a beauty for sure if you’re into either black and white photography or pulchritudinous people. We’ll put more up later in the week!

By Cole & Jakob  

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  1. april

    i love the photos very cool... had to look up your word tho .... pulchritudinous (comparative more pulchritudinous, superlative most pulchritudinous) Positive pulchritudinous Comparative more pulchritudinous Superlative most pulchritudinous (literary) Having physical beauty.

  2. april

    she's very pretty ... nice shots... smooth

  3. Girish

    Beautiful eyes. Looking forward for this one.

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