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Wedding Kiss

December 11, 2010

To get newlyweds to kiss at wedding receptions, a commonly used technique is to clink cutlery on glasses and the bride and groom will kiss.

At the most recent wedding photographed in Cabo San Lucas, the rules were spun around a bit.

Instead of clinking glasses, people (normally couples) in the crowd had to kiss from which the bride and groom would top their efforts.

So, to get the ball rolling, these two straight dudes were the first to fire it up. A little man on man makeout action.

By Cole & Jakob  

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  1. Teresa K


  2. Becca Dilley

    Ha, great story for this one!

  3. Lisa Novakowski

    LOL! Too funny! The expressions behind them say a lot :)

  4. John Patrick

    "good" friends I'm sure!

  5. Sarah

    I like when couples do *anything* to mix this part up. And even better when the crowd goes all out. Well captured.

  6. Leah Kua

    Now that's commitment!

  7. Vida Carson

    HAHAHA hilarious!

  8. Shella

    Haha this makses me laugh - so cute!

  9. Johanna Hietanen

    Thanks for cheering up my Monday! :D

  10. Sam Le

    I love it, and I love your processing

  11. Leah Muse

    So fun! Love the capture.

  12. gabe aceves

    this is one of the best things ever.

  13. Tyler

    hahaha rad

  14. Heather

    Love the crowd's reaction!

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