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Nordica Photography.
Bali Wedding Photographer // Zun & Mark

We’ve travelled to quite a few places for weddings by now. But then we went to Bali and…yeah, not sure where to begin.


Maybe we should start with telling you about when we first met Zun and Mark and got stranded on a rice field because it was raining so heavy? Or when we drove a bus with their family through the mountains to a Buddhist Monastery in northern Bali for a blessing from a monk? Or perhaps the details about the traditional Burmese ceremony that was the start of their wedding day?

We’ll get to all of that, but for now, let’s just start by saying how great we think Bali is. And how the Balinese people are some of the most amazing people we’ve ever met. Once you meet them, they grab a hold of your heart and you know you have to return to Bali again.

Zun and Mark’s wedding in Ubud, Bali was something else. We’ll post their full story soon.

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Nordica Photography

Date & location

January 23, 2013

Ubud, Bali

  1. Manel Tamayo - Amazing destination and amazing work guys !!!   
  2. tim riddick - i just picked up my eyeballs off the floor because they could not handle the amazingness... seriously you guys are top shelf.   
  3. Sam - The temple, the couple and the clouds. Wonderful.   
  4. Dale Lempa - Wow, amazing photographic artistry.   
  5. Chris - There are no words. That shot in front of the temple. No words.   
  6. MARK - great set of photos - can't wait for the rest.   
  7. Annemari Ruthven - So incredibly beautiful. Such rich colours!   
  8. Derek Martinez - Absolutely amazing! Love this -   
  9. neda blake - Can't wait to see the full story, tempted to book s flight to bali : )   
  10. Brandon - Stunning location. The full story will surely be incredible. The cloudy skylines are to die for. Everything's so lush and fresh-looking.   
  11. Geoff Heith - AMAZING!!!   
  12. matthew - insane! loving the range and tone.   
  13. sarah cusson - woah. those skies are insane.   
  14. Girish - Crazy place. Totally. Look forward for the full story.   
  15. Nick Evans - Nice tease. Love the temple portrait. Painterly.   
  16. Eduardo Suastegui - Epic stuff. Good on you.   
  17. Nikki Bezel - Beautiful work you two.   
  18. Elissa - Wow, oh wow. I can't wait for your full post...   
  19. Emma Boileau - Unreal, everything just looks incredible. Amazing work, cannot wait to see the full story.   
  20. Luke Hayden - Great job guys. Can't wait to see the rest.   
  21. Stefan Hellberg - omg. love it.   
  22. Steve Koo - These are lovely, guys. Those are some amazing skies!   
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  26. Brittany - Omg. This is a dream. Truly.   
  27. Dustin Allison - much to love here, cant wait for the full post!   
  28. Alyssa Schroeder - Wow, these locations are insane. Lovin' the first and fourth last wide one especially.   
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  31. Leah Muse - Umm... oh my gosh. Amazing.   
  32. shyann - Jaw. on. floor. This is so unreal I have no words.   
  33. JESSIE - These are magical!   
  34. Stephen Shefrin Photography - Bali? My dream local. These photos are utterly amazing!   
  35. Gusde - you capture Bali in different eye...Gorgeous!   
  36. Zosia - Holy Cow guys.....seriously...speechless....mouth hanging open right now :-O   
  37. Amy - What an incredibly beautiful location! Just wow.   
  38. Jon S6 - I need to go here!   
  39. Amy ✈ Fly Away Bride - Breathtaking photography! Pretty amazing.   
  40. Nicola Thompson - Stunning I just love those moody Bali skies!   
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  42. Martin Lyons - refreshing work!, very different style to anything i have seen, thanks for sharing :)   
  43. Darin Collison - Just very slightly brilliantly beautiful.   
  44. Mathias Cederholm - Reminds me a lot of India. Looks like a very genuine and beautiful place. You did it justice! Great work as usual. :)   
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