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July 22, 2013

Zuzana and David have Slovakian and Hungarian backgrounds. They met at an airport in Sweden, live in Austria and wanted to get married in Denmark, just the two of them. The southern Sweden and Denmark region holds a special place in their hearts, and is where David first asked Zuzana if she wanted to have a coffee some day and “practise their language skills”.

This warm summer day started on a houseboat near Christiania in Copenhagen, after which Zuzana and David spent most of the day biking around some of their favourite spots in the city before driving across the Öresund bridge for a sunset ceremony on a beach in Österlen, Sweden.

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Zuzana and David’s wedding was featured on Gent & Beauty Magazine and Post Photo (Russian).

By Cole & Jakob  

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  1. Albert Palmer

    Love that image of them on this hill in the dip - you know the one!

  2. Chio garcia

    What a place! Amazing job as always!

  3. Mattias

    Me like it alot :-) Ale stenar is a quite unique place, perfect for sunset pictures!

  4. Carla Bonnet Photography

    So beautiful! And awesome locations! :)

  5. Grzegorz

    Amazing as always! Beautiful photos!

  6. Brano

    The best sunset photos!

  7. mathias

    the composition, processing...everything about this i amazing:

  8. tobiah

    Absolutely amazing and wonderful, I am in LOVE with the shot with the couple walking holding hands with the bridge in the background and also the silhouette shot! Wow! You never cease to amaze and inspire - It's great to see the world through your eyes!

  9. Dominique

    Wow those sunset images are gorgeous and I love the narrative that runs through the images. :)

  10. Victor Saidov

    Beautiful, beautiful! The couple looks like a lot of fun and I am just in love with the location! Fantastic job!

  11. Heather Kanilopoolos

    Oh, I adore those photographs of them sitting and eating on the cafe tables... like a dream.. so gorgeous!

  12. Adam Ward

    Top shelf work as per usual. Really like the series of shots at sunset but it's all awesome.

  13. Meredith Lord

    Beautiful elopement!

  14. Ross Harvey

    Totally. Nailed.

  15. Girish

    Stunning pictures. I like the portraits of the bride a lot. Beautiful sunset. More attention to couple shots in this post :) Keep it up

  16. Veronica Varos

    Just superb.

  17. Jack Chauvel

    That is one wonderful wedding day. So many nice spots and memories. Love the photos.

  18. Zosia

    Nordican gold again!

  19. Piotr

    some great location shots - photo #0032 (with the bridge) is my favourite

  20. Marianne Taylor

    Beautiful! There a lovely 'stillness' about your work that gives me this all over calm feeling. Love it.

  21. Steve Koo

    Stunning work as always, guys. I love the shots at sunset.

  22. jennifer armstrong

    wow. So perfect. Every shot sings. What a beautiful way to walk into marriage.

  23. Tine

    Such an amazing photoshoot. Your work is stunning!

  24. ed peers

    What a day... So good.

  25. Anton Chia

    Epic work again! Agreed with Marianne, there is stillness in photos that emits a silence magic.

  26. Joseph Hall

    Wonderful abandonment in the photos. so intimate - so many made my stomach lurch - fabulous.

  27. Hamish Jordan

    So many locations in one day! Great shots!

  28. Dale Lempa

    Beautifully soft and serene portraits. I love the abstract landscapes.

  29. Benjamin

    Well executed. Love it!

  30. Heath

    Uniquely beautiful.

  31. David

    What a fantastic set of pictures! The bond between Zuzana and David comes across so strongly.

  32. Yann Mignonet

    As most of the other folks here, the bridge picture is simply amazing ! I'm amazed also with the quantity of shots you got of the couple during this session and the great spots you were lucky to work with !


    This makes me want to go here in the worst way.

  34. senait

    We are getting married in denmark on March 4 2016.It in city hall.and we need a photographer for one hour with us .Let us know if your available and the price range.Thank you.

  35. Fernanda Valeiro

    Hello, how are you? I'm going to marry June 8 in Frederiksberg (Town Hall) 11 am. I would like to know if you have availability on this date, and how does your job work? I saw your site and I loved your pictures. Best regards, Fernanda Valeiro

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