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March 19, 2010

It’s a pretty cool feeling when you produce something that turns out way cooler than expected. This was one of those instances.

Darrell Morrison is a hell of an entrepreneur that we met through Twitter. He was extremely generous in helping Jakob move all of his stuff into his West End apartment, and gave up a lot of time, effort and fuel – his generosity certainly won’t be forgotten!

Anyways, enough coddling 🙂 Darrell needed some pictures done as he is rebuilding his website for his plastering business. Basically, Darrell’s business is interior work on homes where he turns an ordinary wall into a work of art. He works with Italian materials and from what we learned, it’s absolutely gorgeous work. But, rather then us try to explain his work, check out his website! Even that’s wicked-awesome!

With that in mind, here are a few pictures you may see pop up on his site eventually. We took these on a rainy afternoon on Granville Island and, as mentioned, we are pumped about the results.

Thanks Darrell for this!

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By Cole & Jakob  

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  1. Masey

    Awesome shots lads. I guess it's about time I booked in a shoot eh? ;)

  2. Desiree Dupuis

    Amazing Pics you guys! Looking good Darrell :) I really like the one where you just have a crack of a smile, cute.

  3. Jason

    Good work guys - nice incorporation of color + texture. And what a great looking model to work with :)

  4. april

    nice colors...nice looking man...

  5. george froehlich

    Boy oh! boy, you lads are getting better and better all the time. I love the contrast of the pictures with the close-up of the textured items, that is real cool and awesome. It shows a real spark of creativity and the potrait shots speak to you as a viewer - all signs of major talent at work here at many levels.

  6. Darrell Morrison

    Were do I start.... I've always wanted to get photos like this done and now i've got them thanks to Jackob and Alan Cole. A Killer experiance that Will always remind me of 2010. Great job I think will be doing this again real soon Cheers Darrell

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