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Document You // Katie & Andy

May 14, 2012

During Document You sessions, good things happen when we get invited into the lives of couples, and share a story of what it is they do.

Katie and Andy have a son and spending time outdoors with him on Katie’s parents farm is an awesome day in their world. Add walking their dog along the nearby dyke into the mix, and bam – this is their family in its essence. So photographing them at the farm on Westham Island, which is also where they will get married later this year, is as real as it gets.

We had been out to the island before when Katie was one of the bridesmaids at her friend’s barn wedding last year (the same barn Katie and Andy will have their wedding reception in this year). At that time, nobody told us about the amazing hockey barn that was just down the road. Katie’s grandpa, dad, brother, uncles, cousins and of course Andy have all played there, so this hockey barn means a lot to them.

So if you add up what we did during our time together on Westham Island, taking photos of Katie, Andy and their son on the family farm, walking along the dyke with their dog and hanging out in their ultimate man-zone hockey barn, this is who Katie and Andy are.

Capturing that essence of a couple is what the Document You sessions are all about.

[audio:|titles=Willie Nelson – Just Breathe]

By Cole & Jakob  

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  1. Michael Wachniak

    So good. ;)

  2. Åsmund Holien Mo

    Awesome set, guys. Love 0016!

  3. Luis Godinez

    Effing love this. You guys rule. :)

  4. Reimund Trost


  5. Julianne Markow

    beautiful, all of it. I love that frame where you caught the dog shaking its head, so funny!

  6. mike

    Hah. Number 16 was the first one I showed Brenda...

  7. megan noonan

    So real and unobtrusive. Their ease in front of the camera is a testament to how awesome you guys are!

  8. Jason Burns

    The shot of the little boy crying is adorable. I love the story the photos tell. great work and couple.

  9. Veronica Varos

    These are beautiful!

  10. Mercedes

    Awwww...the two of just the baby are my favorite but the whole set is gorgeous :)

  11. fer juaristi

    beautiful set my friends/

  12. Kellee Walsh

    I love anything hockey related, so this is extra awesome!

  13. Tyler

    awesome, as usual.

  14. Jakub Majewski

    So true ... and so beautiful ... ! Bravo guys!

  15. Jakub

    My favourite shoot so far! Well done lads.

  16. Daniel Dunlap

    Oh wow. This is pretty much amazing. I love the details. I love the portrait of the kid in the field with arms out. Just awesome. All of it.

  17. Girish

    Awesome photographs. I really like the Document session, such a great way to photographs couple / family in their comfort zone, best way to to tell their story.

  18. Heather

    SUCH a neat location!

  19. Priya Patel

    Beautiful photos! I love the photos in the rink - very cool location.

  20. benj haisch

    love it.

  21. Crystal

    Yay for the Canuck's flag, boo for the Oiler's flag! Seriously though -- this is amazing! The detail is outstanding and the story is perfect.

  22. Lynsey T

    Love the unique framing and post processing of your work. The crying shot is hysterical too!

  23. Brian Davis

    I love the idea behind these sessions and I'm always excited when you two post them up. Great job guys. Really like the barn shots!

  24. Jesse Pafundi

    You guys are magicians with a camera. Love it.

  25. Dennis Pike

    These are just awesome.

  26. Jenny Meng

    Great work as always. I really love the shot of them & the dog framed by trees. and the barn window silhouette.

  27. ieva


  28. Ben Howland

    These shots have a great natural feel to them - not so much going out to 'take photos' as to just document the family as they usually are. Love it =)

  29. Agnes

    Love love love this.

  30. Chelsey

    You guys seriously kill it EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

  31. Jennifer Hardt

    Seriously amazing photos. As always.

  32. fotografia ślubna wrocław

    Absolutely amazing!

  33. Donahue Wedding Photography

    I want to do a shoot in a vineyard so badly!!! Keep up the great work.

  34. Danielle

    Does anyone know how to contact the hockey barn owners and if they do events there?? It would gorgeous for my wedding next year but I can't find details on how to contact them anywhere :) Thanks!! And btw, gorgeous photos!!

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