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Okanagan Wedding Photographer // Steph & Jeff

October 8, 2012

Upon repeated (at least 8 times today) viewings of the photos, I came to the realization that you guys have given us this very beautiful gift. You captured exactly what I remember about the day, the love, the laughs, the emotion. I love going through that slideshow. I see something new every time, and I’m brought right back to the day. My Dad, who never cries, says he was sitting at his desk at work weeping. That’s some good stuff right there!

Reading Stephanie’s email after her and Jeff’s wedding at God’s Mountain Estate in Penticton, British Columbia, was a revelation.

Her words affirmed what we deep down have known for a while already: The value in what we do is telling stories. Not in delivering 700 high resolution images in a gallery. How we edit the photos or what cameras we use makes no difference; the curated selection of images that make up the story of a wedding day is all that really matters.

That’s the “beautiful gift”.


Stephanie and Jeff’s wedding was featured on Gent & Beauty and Praise Wedding.

Vendors for Stephanie and Jeff’s wedding on Pinterest.

By Cole & Jakob  

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  1. Rhys

    This is tremendously beautiful photography.

  2. naomi

    this is overflowing with life. so, so, wonderful, guys.

  3. Mark Sass

    WOW! What a fantastic set of photographs! You keep inspiring me. Because you get better and better. The deep humanity in your work is simply breathtaking!

  4. bo youm

    You guys are amazing!!!

  5. Carolyn Scott

    Outstanding!!! What an amazing set of photographs and the happiest looking bridal party on the freaking planet. Gorgeous. Can feel the happiness.

  6. Teresa

    Ridiculously good! I love the pooch photos in this story. Neat to experience things from his/her perspective. ;)

  7. Girish

    Absolutely stunning. Fantastic photographs. Truly, you know how to tell the story :)

  8. xian alexander

    Beautiful setting, perfectly captured! Magic!

  9. alyda

    I am feeling the love through these images. you guys have got amazing skills x

  10. Kat Braman

    You guys are kinda brilliant.

  11. Michael Wachniak

    Always amazing, guys....If you guys EVER stop doing photography, I'm gonna bite your legs off.

  12. TJ Romero

    AMAZING! Had to to a second take on those face masks at the reception... very cool!

  13. bohnjello

    Gorgeous stuff again boys.

  14. JESSIE

    That shot of the first kiss from far away is amazing!!!!

  15. Kellee Walsh

    Incredible work guys! Love the royalty cameos!

  16. michelle waspe

    these are utterly beautiful. Just wow!!

  17. Jonathan David

    Wow. These photos are stunningly beautiful. I'm at a complete loss for words to describe how much I love these!

  18. Jack Chauvel

    Kinda speechless. What lovely words from the Bride.. but I must say.. even though a great story was told and regardless of the photos.. you still delivered an amazing set.

  19. Sachin


  20. Julianne Markow

    Just... WOW. As cliche as it sounds I really feel like I was there. Just incredible storytelling, and that email... wow...

  21. sam hurd

    you guys truly never disappoint.

  22. Anne

    Holy smokes... the collection of images together is amazing... Number 78 is perfect in every way. You guys definitely have a gift.

  23. Jane Haglund

    Jävlar i min låda vad fint!!!

  24. Avelaine

    Storytelling with amazingly beautiful photos - what more could a bride ask for?

  25. Stephanie Koo

    Probably one of my favourites from you guys' work so far. Nice work!

  26. Clare

    Holy shit amazing. That's all. Just holy shit amazing.

  27. Veronica Varos

    Superb! This wedding looks like it was an absolute blast and you guys did a magnificent job telling the story of the day! :)

  28. Mike

    Amazing work (as usual) what an awesome way for them to relive their day.

  29. ali

    Consistently amazing work, as always. You make a stellar photography team.

  30. benj haisch

    I'm beginning to run out of words to describe your work. this is getting out of hand.

  31. catherine

    Beau! You guys are truly talented.

  32. Brittany

    Absolutely freaking amazing in every way.

  33. Mike

    Another amazing job guys, I love every single picture with the dogs in it! Amazing location, wish to see something like that in person one day!

  34. Matt Long

    Whoa! Just discovered you guys and what a discovery. Mind blowing, emotional, beautiful story telling. You have a new fan right here. Matt

  35. Kate/MagnoliaRouge

    WOW!!! Seriously amazing!! Words don't really do it justice!!

  36. Ricki Ford

    Alway amazing!!!!

  37. mike

    You're at another level.

  38. Zosia

    Marvellous as per usual!

  39. Tomaz

    Powerful storytelling. I like that you included many photos with details and scenery, they set an atmosphere that really pulls you in.

  40. tim

    another killer set lads. love it.

  41. Andre

    Wow that's one seriously beautiful wedding, I love your scenic images, these images tell the story of their day so well. Keep up the amazing work!

  42. Denis

    Absolutely beautiful!

  43. Anushe Low

    Such beautiful work fellas, yet again!

  44. Rebecca

    The work you guys do is just so inspiring.

  45. roland hale

    Amazing. A great, special job as always!

  46. Lars Virdeby

    Stum av beundran !!

  47. Derek Anson


  48. Rob Norfolk

    So [insert superlative here] awesome! Seriously stunning work...the way you incorporate the landscape into your images is second to none!

  49. jamie

    Your photography is breathtaking! And the wedding was so beautiful! Simply amazed!

  50. Deise Lemos

    Espetacular sensibilidade que resultou em magnífico trabalho! Parabéns!

  51. Cristian

    Very vry nice!

  52. David Woodcock

    Lovely wedding photography in a beautiful setting. The quality of the light is amazing.

  53. Joseph

    Amazing work as usual! So inspiring!

  54. Hochzeitsfotograf Wien

    Nice Wedding

  55. Lukasz

    another great story and stunning photos. Loads of details that tells a lot. Nice setting as always! Lucky you guys having all these Clients from around the world! Best wishes! L

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