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Western Wedding // Amber & Bryan

November 5, 2012

“The gift is to the giver, and comes back to him…”  – Walt Whitman


In this case, it was a ‘her’. Amber.

15 months before Amber’s wedding, she met us in Vancouver at a coffee shop on a rainy day. She made the six hour drive to Vancouver from her hometown of Ashcroft to run some errands, meeting us being one of them. We sat back and listened to what Amber had in mind for her wedding, and for about an hour, she had us envisioning what this wedding of hers would be like. The instinct to create isn’t something everyone has, but this country girl showed a never ending supply of it.

What she was planning sounded incredible. And we were honoured that she wanted us to be there for it. She liked what she had seen with another western wedding we did in Cache Creek in 2010, and the deal was sealed before we even met. She knew what she wanted, and wouldn’t have it any other way.

We first met Bryan when we did their Document You session in October of 2011. A lot of magical things happened that day, and we realized then what was in store for Amber and Bryan’s wedding.

Which brings us to their wedding day at Hat Creek Ranch in Cache Creek, about a six-hour drive from Vancouver.

Amber poured herself into this wedding entirely on her own. Those fun signs with words on them laying around the wedding venue? They were all her. The inspiring floral arrangement around the ceremony? All Amber. Her dress? Found, chosen and hemmed by herself. The cowboy hat and boots given to Bryan as a gift for the wedding day? Amber. The bridesmaids’ leather belts? Amber. We could go on, and on.

Amber’s gift to each guest was the personal experience they had at the wedding. And no doubt her fulfilment overwhelmed the gift giving.


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Amber and Bryan’s wedding was featured on Love My Dress and Magnolia Rouge.

By Cole & Jakob  

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  1. Elissa

    This wedding is absolutely stunning! And that dress. Swoon.

  2. Levi Tijerina

    So much awesome in one place. Rad job, guys.

  3. nirav


  4. Tobiah

    Woaah!!! So so amazing in every way. Every shot is like a still from a motion picture. What a wedding!

  5. Morgan Sikkerboel

    what a charming wedding - and such great images to document it.

  6. Luis Godinez

    heartmelting. bravo.

  7. andy

    this is amazing, a dream to photograph and perfectly done :)

  8. Mike Fiechtner

    Such a great set guys! Love it!

  9. Jakub Majewski

    This story is just amazing, bravo guys!

  10. Dmitriy Frolov

    Absolutely AMAZING, guys!

  11. Mercedes

    Lovely story telling, Nordica!

  12. Izabelle

    Absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE this wedding, so peronal & sweet! You did a fab job capturing the emotions and the story ( as usual ) Very touching!

  13. Crystal

    This is perfection!

  14. Lena

    That is some epic story telling. Lovely work!

  15. Girish

    Awesome pictures. I like how to get the details and a few landscapes. Everything that builds up a story.

  16. Kim

    I've been waiting to see the full story for this one and you guys did not disappoint. So beautiful! And the cake topper is perfection. :)

  17. mathias fast

    awesome stuff.

  18. Lotta

    Helt makalöst! När jag ser de här bilderna skriker min fototarm. Jag vill också få fota sånt här. :D You are the best! What a team, what a story telling eye you both have! The way you paint with your cameras is awsome. Hat off!

  19. tim coulson

    one of the most legitimate weddings i've ever seen.

  20. Taylor

    this is killer. :)

  21. Alyda

    So much gold! You guys are my fav

  22. shyann

    Wedding perfection! Your work is so effortless!!

  23. tim

    been looking forward to this one. Their Document You is one of the greats. beautiful stuff

  24. Zosia

    Ahhh Magical Nordican Awesomeness as per usual.

  25. Albert Palmer

    OMG - did this REALLY happen?

  26. dustin

    honestly one of my favorites from you guys! love it!

  27. Emilie

    This is out of this world.

  28. Hilary Mercer

    what a super fun, unique wedding.

  29. Rebecca

    yowsers. Every image is a stand out on their own, but combined, it's out of this world. Well done guys!

  30. Kyle

    You guys are so good it hurts. This wedding was beautiful on it's own, but the way you captured it is absolutely amazing.

  31. Matt Long

    Wow, completely love this. The world needs more Ambers.

  32. Kristian

    Yeee-ha! Unbelievable wedding fellas.

  33. Johnboy Wilson

    I didn't think weddings this good existed! Beautifully shot throughout :)

  34. neda blake

    you guys blow my mind so inspiring !

  35. Verrueckt nach Hochzeit

    So beautiful. Can't get enough of this!

  36. sam hurd

    now lookie' what we have hear. an old timie honky tonk dun captured beatly.

  37. Justin

    Holy crud, that was awesome! Great work by the bride and great work by yourselves. One heck of a production, altogether.

  38. bryan

    oh just a little amazingness. nbd.

  39. Jayme


  40. s h e r r y

    This is way too cool. I am loving her boots/socks combo. Amazing! All the details are wonderful.

  41. AdonyeJaja

    so good guys.

  42. Rafa Ibanez

    Love the cowboy feeling, congrats!

  43. Matt Lien

    incredible work, guys. love their portraits.

  44. Jessica

    WOW WOW WOW!!!!! Just amazing!!!

  45. Katya Nova

    Mind-blowing good!

  46. ed peers

    Oh my. Yes.

  47. eddie

    how much do you guys pay for the slight overcast for every outdoor wedding you shoot? great photos.

  48. Mette Ottosson - Wedding photographer Sweden


  49. Ashley Martens

    WOW!!!! Your work inspires me!

  50. Eric Yerke

    This is so awesome. Everything about it.

  51. Jean

    This just rocks my world.

  52. Candice

    I don't know how I am only finding your work now, but it's beautiful. Your clients have impeccable style too!

  53. Derek

    Out of the park! You captured and told their story beautifully. Amazing work as always!

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